Cosplay Post Mortm- 2016 in Review

vikings_002Last year, I made it my New Year’s Resolution to sew at least three costumes. Technically I speaking, I ended the year with five new costumes: three sewn for myself, one store assembled, and one sewn for my roommate. Personally, I’m not as happy with my performance. I tend to procrastinate and leave a majority of my sewing until the 11th hour, when panic sets in and the stress causes my hair to fall out.

Here is what I accomplished last year and a few of my thoughts and plans for each. As I get a chance to shoot (some of) these costumes, I’ll go into more detail about their construction and how I put them all together.

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Pintrestd? Rigatoni Pie

rigpie_inspoOh Pinterest! It’s so easy to get caught up in your filtered images of domestic perfection. I’ve been trying do hard to figure out if Pinterest can actually be helpful or if it just sets unrealistic dreams and expectations. So, in keeping with my goal to create more than I consume, I am going to attempt different projects from Pinterest and record my successes (or failure). Some will be recipes while others may be those “life hack” lists that promise to make everything infinitely easier (without breaking the bank)

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Every Wtch Way

lovewitch_onesheetBetween Christmas and New Years, I was lucky enough to catch a screening of Anna Biller’s The Love Witch. This gorgeous film presented a funny dialogue between feminists, employing all the technicolor and camp that used to objectify women. As a lover of classic movies and as a woman looking for fresh representation, I cannot recommend seeing the movie enough!

Movie: The Love Witch, a film by Anna Biller
Theater: Richards’ Goat Tavern up in Arcata.
Thoughts: Like everyone’s generic ideal woman, it was beautiful, smart, and funny.

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Hello, Wrld.

self_001Welcome to my half-baked New Year’s Resolution. I truthfully have zero expectations for this blog other that to give myself some piece of mind. I subtitled the blog “Nerd Lifestyle and the Need to be Heard” mostly to keep myself on task with the various projects I take on and then leave behind every day in my life. I spent 2016 losing myself in a new relationship, my best friend’s wedding, and the excitement of my job, leaving no room to nurture myself. This next is not going to be “My Year,” but I will make an effort to take care of myself better.

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