Hello, Wrld.

self_001Welcome to my half-baked New Year’s Resolution. I truthfully have zero expectations for this blog other that to give myself some piece of mind. I subtitled the blog “Nerd Lifestyle and the Need to be Heard” mostly to keep myself on task with the various projects I take on and then leave behind every day in my life. I spent 2016 losing myself in a new relationship, my best friend’s wedding, and the excitement of my job, leaving no room to nurture myself. This next is not going to be “My Year,” but I will make an effort to take care of myself better.

My name is Leah. I cosplay and sew and enjoy playing tabletop RPGs with my friends. As of this moment, I live with two fabulous women (a Jenny and a Jen, who are collectively called The Jens) and a giant mutt, Tonka. I make and ignore a lot of lists. More than anything, I would like to push my sewing abilities further this year an even actually complete the projects I start.

Welcome to my half-baked New Year’s Resolution. Hopefully, a year tomorrow now, we will all be laughing at how detached and above-it-all I am tying to sound at the moment.

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