Pintrestd? Rigatoni Pie

rigpie_inspoOh Pinterest! It’s so easy to get caught up in your filtered images of domestic perfection. I’ve been trying do hard to figure out if Pinterest can actually be helpful or if it just sets unrealistic dreams and expectations. So, in keeping with my goal to create more than I consume, I am going to attempt different projects from Pinterest and record my successes (or failure). Some will be recipes while others may be those “life hack” lists that promise to make everything infinitely easier (without breaking the bank)

My first undertaking had to be food. There are hundreds of Pinterest recipes that take everyday recipes and add a cute aesthetic to them. But how easy are these to actually achieve and will they even taste good once that’s happened?

Trying to use up the ingredients we had the apartment, we decided to attempt a rigatoni pie based on a recipe from Martha Stewart. We opted to give it taco flavoring, using a Mexican cheese blend and taco seasoning. But I don’t own a spring form pan and tried to use a cake pan. And with that I present… a Pinterest Fail.

We threw the misshapen pie into a bowl and mixed it up. Luckily it tasted absolutely delicious (as I type this and finish my bowl, the dog sending jealous stares my way). I probably need to add a little more liquid to the meat sauce; between cooking it down and then baking it, the end result was a little dry.

Let me know what else I should test as I figure out if Pinterest is a friend or foe. Until next time!

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