Spin Cycle Me Rght Round

15c969bb-faee-442c-8e95-3c923857c436 (2)I said I wouldn’t go backwards, but I had to talk a little bit about my current project. A friend of mine, who seems to collect friends who cosplay Game of Thrones characters, has been pushing me to create a Melisandre for a while now and I’ve been putting it off for no good reason. In an attempt to ignore that my lease was ending and that I would soon have to move, I decided to start this project one month before I had to leave my apartment. My goal was to construct the base dress before I moved, which grew into a bigger project than expected.

Brace yourselves for some poor quality mirror selfies. This is your final warning.

17904416_1310626805639113_7505091909892272722_nLike all good cosplay projects, this one started with multiple trips to different fabric stores to find a textured, dark-red fabric for the base dress, which did not exist.  One local fabric store had in a stock a medium-weight linen with a swirly, embroidery-like texture to it, perfect but for the color. I had has some success dying fabric and in the past, but never had the chance to try it on a larger scale. I also had been looking for an excuse to try using my washing machine to dye fabric. Since my landlord was hellbent on finding anything wrong and I was not relying on ever seeing my security deposit again, it seemed like as good a time as any to risk it all for the Lord of Light.

18010806_1310626838972443_8542919040307442985_n I used RIT All Purpose Liquid Dye: two parts Wine, one part Cherry red. The instructions and video on RITs website are incredibly simple to follow, although nothing could calm my nerves while I waited for the fabric to dry. I did assemble the garment before I dyed it because I was unsure at first if I would have enough fabric (I bought the last of the bolt and hoped for a miracle)

While the picture to the left mostly shows how horrible my apartment lighting was, the picture below really shows the color I was able to achieve. I absolutely love how the dye accented the texture of the fabric, giving it a more-wintery look. I may go back for a second round of dying to potentially darken the red, going for a more of a season six look, but it all depends on how the final look photographs.


My next steps are to construct the necklace and to keep my eyes peeled for a good fabric to make Melisandre’s luxurious wrap cape. And I’m currently on the hunt for a lacefront wig since I’m unlikely to go back to red any time soon and Westeros hates bangs. When the ensemble is done, I will probably do a final construction post that covers the pattern altering that was done as well as the prop-making process (especially since Lily wants to attempt to lasercut the necklace). Although I’m not sure which day, this piece will debut at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Between this and my Viking dress, I really seem to be doubling down on the idea of winter costumes for a summer convention. What can I say? I’m a masochist.

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