If At First You Don’t Scceed,

IMG_9758Clearly, structure and routine are not my strong suits. Even a whole-hearted attempted at cosplay and lifestyle blogging took a nose-dive as soon as I had too create new content. In general, we don’t give enough credit to the people in this world who wake up every day and try to create something, even though it takes incredibly mental fortitude.

So, what has happened in the last three months? So much and so little, all at once.

In June, I pulled a classic Millenial move and moved back to my parent’s house. Truthfully, this is the first time I’m admitting that to the internet (as if the internet ever cared) and without putting large qualifiers on that statement to make it seem like the smart move. Truthfully, I’m in debt and I’m incredibly lucky to have a safety net and I need to focus more on solving that problem than with how people will react to it.

July always melts into the fuzzy glow of San Diego Comic Con. This year was a wonderful week of new friends and great adventure that ended with my body being so sore, that I spent a whole day being physically unable to get out of bed. As dramatic as that sounds, I usually am bed-stricken by my own depression or apathy, so having a physical reason felt so different and satisfying. I will be writing at least one Comic-Con recap post to document the adventure, so stay tuned.

August was dominated by a cosmic shift in my work life. I don’t know how comfortable I am divulging the day-to-day parts of my job online (the beauty aspects, of course, but I need to keep some things to myself), so details will be sparse. Basically: nothing changed except my location, which in itself makes for an exciting new opportunity. So cheers to that!

There we go… a recap and a fresh start to (basically) start the month. Sorry for the lack of pictures and fun content to help you through. And for the record, even as I write this, I am switching back and forth to play Hearthstone, because solely committing to writing is still slightly out of reach for me.

As for my aspirations of cosplay and lifestyle blogging, what would you like to see? More detailed convention recaps? Cosplay dissections? Home projects and cooking experiments? Let me know in the comments and thanks 🙂

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