Actually the Wrst

I believe that putting two months between blog posts (with the last one barely being an update) may put me in the running for worst blogger. For anyone who stuck around: thank you for hanging in there as I try to establish a routine. For the first time in a long time I have some posts planned that I’d love to get out to the world.

So what is on th horizon? 

October was a busy month and I can’t wait to share. Everything started off with a photoshoot for the Elf Ball Gown…without me in it! Doing makeup for and producing a photoshoot was such a different experience and I am so thankful that my other Raptors made it possible. The pictures and our stories: coming soon!

Next up and still in October, I threw a Harry Potter themed bachelorette party and am planning a quick tutorial post to explain all th fun crafting that went into crafting that magic. If you want to  know about DIY wands, quick and dirty quidditch scarves, and a drinking game then stay tuned!

Lastly, I kicked off November with a little bit of adventure up to Anaheim for BlizzCon 2017! After missing last year (for the only person who could pull me away), it definitely felt like coming home. I can’t wait to share all the amazing things on display from those two days and attempt a real convention recap.

I appreciate everyone who has stayed on and kept reading. I can’t wait to finally get going!

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