The Approaching Crve


Oh Riverdale, my current television obsession! How I can hardly contain my ridiculous passion for thee!

I know that I sound like a teenage fangirl despite my rapid approach on 30, but this pulpy, over-dramatized teen soap speaks to so many of my favorite things on television. From the atmosphere that oozes angst to the canonically irreverent writing, I cannot seem to get enough of this show.

Hit the jump for my experimental photoshoot inspired by Betty Cooper and her dalliances with the dark side of town.

This was our second time out with the Nikon D3300, but this time we brought a Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200MM f/4-5.6G ED Vibration Reduction II Zoom Lens to play around with. We drove around a few of the winding country roads outside of Eureka, California, looking for that sense of adventure. Being complete novices, the zoom lens simulataneously made shooting harder and easier. While Jesse was able to capture a large image that could be cropped and manipulated later, it made communication between the two of us much harder since he was shooting from so much further away.

I am hesitant to make my only other note for this set, but I do want to document these projects as honestly as I can. Modeling for convention hallways does not translate as easily to this style of photoshoot and I definitely struggled to convey the independent-yet-brooding look that I was going for. I plan on doing some more modeling practice with my photographer so that we can get more in sync with each other. I can’t wait to show more whenever we get to shoot next!

Let me know your feedback and share your favorite posing tutorials. Thanks for sticking with this!

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