thank u, nxt.

8723BCDF-962E-4FA7-B801-3D4346BA7E09Somehow I made it through all of NaNoWriMo trying to be a rebel and write D&D wiki articles and it did not even cross my mind that I have been neglecting this blog for most of the year. I guess that’s par for the course with me and, like always, I’m back again to make another go at it. I don’t plan on making apologies or excuses this time for my absence, but instead, I’m going to jump right into what I am working on now and what I want to be working on soon.

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If At First You Don’t Scceed,

IMG_9758Clearly, structure and routine are not my strong suits. Even a whole-hearted attempted at cosplay and lifestyle blogging took a nose-dive as soon as I had too create new content. In general, we don’t give enough credit to the people in this world who wake up every day and try to create something, even though it takes incredibly mental fortitude.

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A Lttle Bit Batty, A Lttle Bit Betty

IMG_9470Oh, my dear Blg! I’m so sorry for ignoring both you and my own goals these past few months. Instead of playing catch up, I am simply going to charge forward as intended: going backwards won’t help me produce more content. Onwards! Yesterday was both Pin-Up Day and Bat’s Day at Disneyland and I have been dying to make it to more Unofficial Disney Days. In spite of the impending rain and cold, I curled hip my hair, threw on my heels, and skipped off to the park with my friend Kellie for excellent outfit watching.  Continue reading

Hello, Wrld.

self_001Welcome to my half-baked New Year’s Resolution. I truthfully have zero expectations for this blog other that to give myself some piece of mind. I subtitled the blog “Nerd Lifestyle and the Need to be Heard” mostly to keep myself on task with the various projects I take on and then leave behind every day in my life. I spent 2016 losing myself in a new relationship, my best friend’s wedding, and the excitement of my job, leaving no room to nurture myself. This next is not going to be “My Year,” but I will make an effort to take care of myself better.

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