We are Goldn

SAMSUNG CSCHappy New Year, everybody! With all the terrible weather on television and the general gloom hanging over Southern California, I am longing for warmer, sunnier days. Since going outside seems pretty awful at the moment, I am finally getting around to editing and posting the various shoots from over the last few months.

Before I move on to more narcissistic projects, I wanted to first share the Golden Dryad photoshoot from back in November. Life kept throwing itself in the way of Lily and me actually choosing from our raw images, but we finally found time to see each other (and flop around on the floor a lot). Hit the jump for some of my favorites and for a little more about the shoot!

I am so excited to present these photos to the world. This photo set was completely shot and styled by the Dancing Raptor team and features the Golden Dry dress that Lily and I created back in 2014 for Labyrinth of Jareth. Lily took all of the images while James and I held reflectors, draped skirts, and held branches out of the way. I messed around with these images slightly using Fotor (because I have less photo-editing skills than a child).

We originally styled this dress with elf-ears, but lately, my beautiful Creature of Habit antlers have seemed a much better fit. Our model, Jahya, is a friend of ours who wore this dress at Lily’s Princess-themed Bachelorette Party. As soon as we zipped her in, we decided the dress looked as if it were made for her and spent over a year scheming to shoot her in it. Luckily the stars aligned and we were able to head into the wilderness one morning to take these.

We learned a lot putting this shoot together and still have lots to grown in to. Learning the camera and improving our editing skills are definitely on our resolutions for 2018. I also wish we had taken more close up of the makeup we did on Jahya (she has some gold-leaf around her eyes that was just gorgeous).

And, of course, I could not resist trying out some fae-inspired poses myself. This photo was taken right before I fell into the creek… better me than the beautiful dress model!


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