A Lttle Bit Batty, A Lttle Bit Betty

IMG_9470Oh, my dear Blg! I’m so sorry for ignoring both you and my own goals these past few months. Instead of playing catch up, I am simply going to charge forward as intended: going backwards won’t help me produce more content. Onwards! Yesterday was both Pin-Up Day and Bat’s Day at Disneyland and I have been dying to make it to more Unofficial Disney Days. In spite of the impending rain and cold, I curled hip my hair, threw on my heels, and skipped off to the park with my friend Kellie for excellent outfit watching. 

Because I live only an hour away from the park and have a good number of friends who go often to Disneyland, I have an annual pass. I love going for social events and just to unwind a bit , without the hassle of the one BIG Disneyland vacation. As part of my resolution to myself, I will try to do recaps on my park days, so let me know if they interesteing at all or if if a add anything to them!

We made it to the park just before 4pm, with no real plan in mind. My only rule is to check the wait on a Peter Pan and to ride it if the wait is under 40 minutes (sadly, it was not).

The Outfit

IMG_9473I mean… I do clean up nice!

As a cosplayer and costumer, the idea of Disney-bounding sounds like so much fun… however, my wardrobe is so lacking at the moment! I have so much black that I wear to work and so little else outside of “jeans and tshirts.” I didn’t want to try and fake a goth outfit from my youth (my combat boots and spikey accessories made it out of rotation more than ten years ago) and be disrespectful, but I was able to throw  together a good Pin-Up look, since my style tends to skew that direction anyways.

Top: Target (why splurge on basics?)

Bottom: A Trip Into Town Pencil Skirt in Cherry – ModCloth

Shoes: Famous Footwear (I bought them on clearance for a wedding and they are incredibly comfortable)

Accessories: Skull Head Scarf – Gift from a cousin (thanks Lyn)

Thoughts: In addition. To just wanting a some vintage shape wear to really pull together these retro-inspired pieces I collect, I think this outfit is so close to a perfect Sorceror Mickey Disney-bound! I want to pick up a blue scarf with white stars and a red top. Pair this with some black stockings and it will be perfect! I’ll definitely do an update when I do that.

The RidesIMG_9481

Truthfully, we didn’t ride a lot yesterday! Kellie had never spent time in Toon Town, so we’d took a quick trip to Minnie’s House and walked the TT Streets to take it all in. Kellie’s style very pastel, we she was quickly smitten by Minnie’s little bistro set (a new favorite photo spot) and tea set up. Other than that, here’s the breakdown of our short trip:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean (45min) – the rain was really trying to get something started while we waited for Pirates. I have not seen a line like that for this ride in quite a while! It wrapped up over the bridge, doubled back, and came down towards the entrance.
  • The Matterhorn (FastPass) – I have been dying to ride in the new bobsleds! My thoughts: still the jerkiness ride this side of the Alps. I may not sit in the front next time…
  • The Haunted Mansion (30min) – The ride that makes my heart happy any time of the year. Either I’m excited to see Jack Skellington and Co, or I’m flooded with nostalgia and my own fuzzy memories of the ’15 Comic Con Masquerade. Getting to ride it with a bunch of impeccably dressed goths chanting the dialogue along with the ride was priceless.
  • Hyperspace Mountain (50min) – While I am excited to see the return of classic Space Mountain, I am going to miss
    Hyperspace. Especially since I finally saw Rogue One (I know I am so late to the game)

The Food

IMG_9484Red Rose Tavern: Grey Stuff – Nothing says Disney Day like starting with a dessert! I tried the Grey Stuff on my last trip and plan on treating myself when ever I can. I love the mix of sweet and tart and that the frosting does not have that heavy buttercream taste.

Pacific Wharf Cafe: Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl – with the cold weather and rain, I really needed some comfort food. This is my favorite thing to eat at California Adventure and I absolutely love that with my pass, I can just hop over to grab it. I almost opted for some Gumbo in New Orleans Square, but wanted a little scenery change for dinner. Plus, we got to witness an unfortunate decision that was made (see image)

Final Thoughts

My only leftover thought from the day is this lovely lady. Kellie is such a talented seamstress and crafter, I highly suggest you check out her Facebook page and her Etsy shop. Just talking to here about all our own costume plans for this year kicked my butt in gear to post today. She’s a (princess) Peach!

IMG_9477  18379478_10211532150253784_658963132_o  IMG_9479

See you next time!

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